Board Silly, we really were, we really are!

Its 2020 the lockdown isolation is real and we can’t go paddle boarding, what do you do?
Set up a company to show your love for the sport that also represents the time in which it was developed.
Owning a bed and breakfast in Scotland and just coming out of a slow winter period straight into forced closure was never going to be easy so it was time to think of what we could do instead.
For business and pleasure the spring is normally an exciting time for us, more bookings are coming in, we’re welcoming more guests and also with drier and longer days outdoor pursuits are more enjoyable.
My 13yr old son and I love spending time outdoors, walking, swimming, paddling, camping, winter sports as long as its outside we’re happy.  So with limited time allowed to be outside cabin fever was never far away and from here Board Silly was created.
The name having the double meaning but obvious emphasis on paddle boarding has to be credited to my son, after explaining the rough design to him he soon had the idea.
The logo changed marginally through design but paramount to the idea was to keep it simple which I feel represents the sport well, as with very little equipment you can be going at a slow pace while training the body from the core out and enjoying the peace of the environment that it takes you.
Our clothing range is using organic materials and we hope to become as eco as possible as we develop.
If you’ve never tried paddle boarding, it’s a peaceful, mindful activity and you can make it as intense a workout as you want and actually burn off some serious calories so although it looks simplistic from the shore you will soon see the benefits of paddle boarding and trust me it doesn’t take too many goes before you become Board Silly and want to be out on the water as regularly as possible.

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